“ Voters’ forum for better democracy “  is established to create awareness among the general public to assess, evaluate and initiate a healthy voting for electing responsible leaders who would do better service to those who had elected. 

What people need? Support in their legitimate fight for their rights. Their fight for sustained development. Their fight to voice their dreams.  What they need? A leader who joins in their fight.  A leader who voices the peoples as his own.

And I assure , I just fit in the job. A journalist who criticizes constructively to achieve sustained output, a teacher who writes future destiny of young India, as social activist who own responsibilities of the public, as students union leader, as trade union leader and finally I come before you to contest as Independent to weed out corruption in politics.

I assure that as your well wisher I stand with you in all circumstances,

With Best Wishes

                                           Nookala Surya Prakash

                                           National President

                                           Voters’ Forum for better Democracy

Contestant : Uttarandhra Graduate MLC

Please Cast your Vote and give Preferential Vote [1] to me

Election Date: 13th March – 2023